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Nova SBE Executive Education: from Palacete to Carcavelos

June 5, 2019 at 5:03 PM by Luís Rodrigues

We have to continuously invest in the development of our talent. Or else...

Author: Luís Rodrigues | Reading time: 4 minutes

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The importance that Portuguese companies and organizations attribute to training their human resources has increased slowly, according to several studies and international rankings. With more and more local and multinational organizations looking for Portuguese universities to be part of their training programs, we have no doubt this is due to the improvement of the sector at all levels. At Nova SBE, we have multiplied our Executive Education activity by 5 in the past 4 years.

Hundreds of stories and testimonials, multiple data and evidence from executives, corporations, nonprofits and public entities could be reported about the past 4-year journey at Nova SBE Executive Education. A path that took us from the beautiful Palacete at Marquês de Fronteira to the historic Campolide and, recently, to the beachfront Carcavelos. We have now reached a milestone. The 2019 Executive Education Ranking from the Financial Times has placed us as the best Portuguese school ranked globally and highlighted our international growth! We thank all the organizations and executives who joined us in this journey. Not just because they believed in us, but fundamentally because they were co-creators in the design and they were demanding in the delivery. 

Our team is proud of being the spark that started the fire. The merit, however, is not only ours. It is shared with all the other great Portuguese schools who have continuously improved their offer and delivery. The Executive Education sector is overdeveloped when compared to others in Portugal and, therefore, it is pushing our economy and society forward.

Whilst we believe in exponential growth, this is not valid when it comes to developing talent and skills in people. Our brain is not designed that way. Neuroplasticity explains exactly that; learning is a continuous process, that runs slowly day by day. It is not called neurodescontinuity as we do not become someone else over night. Therefore, we believe that Arama's law applies perfectly to the social setting.

Roy Arama was an American scientist and futurist who one day wrote that we overestimate the impact of technology in the short term and underestimate it in the long run. For example, when we read something about electric cars in the media, we intuitively believe that it will all be like that tomorrow and that we are losing something. Obviously, this is not how it happens. On the other hand, we do not think about all the implications in the long run: electric cars will dramatically reduce noise in cities, improve air quality and truly change our way of living.

This phenomenon is transposable to individuals and, consequently, organizations and society. How many times have we ended a day realizing that we did not accomplished half of what we meant for that day? Or week? In contrast, we have a hard time disciplining ourselves to invest that hour or half an hour every day for a year or two, which would allow us to become almost fluent in a language, take a postgraduate degree in Finance or Leadership, or perhaps coding! This is valid for any skill that fosters our career.The truth is that we tend to overestimate our ability to do things in the short term and underestimate our ability to do things in the medium to long term. 

Today, as the leading school in Portugal, Nova SBE Executive Education challenges all the organizations and executives to embrace the path of systematic development of talent, organizationally and personally. Do it! As someone intelligent once said, the future belongs to apprentices. Those who think they know everything are doomed to be the best in a world that will soon cease to exist.

This has been an extraordinary adventure, done with an unique team. A team with more determination than knowledge in the beginning. We have made mistakes in the process. However, we were able to learn, to incorporate lessons and to move forward, improving everyday. With that said, the most extraordinary side of this story is that there is still much more to do than what is already done!

Yesterday, we celebrated! Today, we welcome in our home, Nova SBE's campus in Carcavelos, hundreds of leaders and representatives from schools around the world in a global conference about Executive Education, the EFMD Annual Conference. It is a chance to, once again ,show the world the fantastic country and campus where we had the opportunity to grow! But, above all, it is a chance to practice what we preach by keep learning and improving.

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Luís Rodrigues

Published by: Luís Rodrigues

Executive Director @ Nova SBE Executive Education

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