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Is there room for live events in the digital era? Yes, and more room than ever

October 23, 2018 at 3:49 PM by Carlota Ribeiro Ferreira

We are part of an era where knowledge, institutions and people are accessible from anywhere in the world. Being online is what makes it possible. However, the room for live events is growing, thanks to the growing need of actually being together: listening, thinking, debating and learning. Nowadays, digital empowers the establishment of human relations at events by giving them continuity through time. 

Author: Carlota Ribeiro Ferreira | Reading time: 4 minutes

aditya-chinchure-494048-unsplash-536195-editedunsplash-logoAditya Chinchure

“Though digital is at the center of our world, live is more popular than ever, (…). The need to actually be live and connect with human beings and listen to people in the flesh seems to be the paradox of our age.” Arianna Huffington

This is completely true, we feel it, and you too. Live events bring people together for experiences of learning, entertaining and networking of all kinds. Being it music festivals, fashion weeks, talent shows, conferences or corporate meetings, just to mention a few. In each of these events, an ambition or a common interest attracts people, a program involves people and special dynamics may bring them interacting with one another and with the speakers, trainers or artists that go on stage.

Events are human experiences and because of that, they have inspiration and connection powers, which do not exist in any other media form.

What novelties can live events offer us today?

Regarding conferences and corporate events, their importance is growing immensely. There is knowledge, debates, formal and informal interaction, new awareness, confrontation, challenges, ambitions, alignment, numerous dynamics, networking, in sum there is growing-together opportunities. There is visibility for the promoting brands when the events are public. There is corporate brand reinforcement within collaborators when we talk about internal events.

Events create stories, they make live stories and people love to play a role. People go to events not only to take from speakers or artists on stage but also to learn, interact and have fun with a like-minded community. In some way, we can say that speakers, artists, trainers and participants co-create and co-live an experience which is unique because it’s theirs, cannot be repeated, played back or forward. Needless to say that these characteristics of live experiences exist in events and cannot be compared to any digital experience in terms of intensity and emotions.

Why is there increasingly more room for live events in the digital era?

1. Humans have to find the balance between their digital-selves and their human needs

Well, digital invaded our lives. Technology evolved exponentially and brought us powerful connection, work and entertainment devices that we use every minute. Today, for personal or professional reasons, we are always connected to the world, which is great, but in some way it is quite frenetic and individualistic. We have access to a vast amount of contents, to people and institutions from around the globe and this is tremendously positive but misses the physical human connection and the social systems that are deeply meaningful for us and that we need to live and grow better. To balance our digital self, we are gaining new consciousness for our human needs and look for more events in our lives.

2. The events industry is positively evolving towards the creation of holistic experiences

In parallel, we should also mention the evolution of the events’ industry, with significant improvements in all dimensions – concepts, contents, production or involvement dynamics. Events are becoming more and more attractive, well targeted and well executed, and people love to attend the great events that really have to do with them. Events offer is becoming greater and at the same time super competitive which is ideal to up the game up.

3. Digital platforms encourage human interaction during live events

An interesting point to conclude is also the role of technology in events’ evolution and the way it helped to bring more humanism to the modern live experiences. In fact, at events, people crave a face-to-face contact but complementary digital platforms allow new extents, new interactions and new ways of co-creation, co-delivery and co-living experiences. With the support of technology, people can get to know each other better, they can arrange to meet, put questions, answer to questionnaires, participate in polls, form sub communities, send comments and suggestions to organization, keep in touch after event, etc. Well, all these digital dynamics related to events generate human connections, which are very enriching and impactful, and would never be possible without digital in events.


And here we have the initial paradox reinforced, meaning digital and events will be hand in hand, in our lives, tomorrow and beyond.

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Carlota Ribeiro Ferreira

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