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Technologies at the service of retail, transport, and logistics in 2020

July 15, 2020 at 4:32 PM by Nova SBE Executive Education

The director of the Zebra Technologies Corporation subsidiary in the Middle East, Hozefa Saylawala, revealed his premonitions for technological trends in the retail and logistics markets.

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Among the main ones, we find blockchain, intelligent automation, and advanced analytical technologies.

Although it has been under study for some time and is an area in which many companies are investing these days, the head of the company still believes that blockchain is at an early stage and that in 2020 the bet on this technology will be even greater, namely in terms of traceability.

It has become a critical area for companies to master the data they have regarding their rights of use, data privacy and security as the best-in-class customer experience becomes increasingly data-driven”, explains Hozefa Saylawala.

In the case of the food sector, the director anticipates an increase in legislation involving food safety globally, seeking to achieve greater transparency for products and create greater confidence for the end consumer.

Through advanced analysis tools, companies also seek new technological solutions for automatically assigning tasks to their employees, based on artificial intelligence.

It also refers to the use of AI-based on computer vision through scanners, optical sensors, and robots, with which it can not only monitor their environments and workflows in order to automate decision making and improve the user experience. customer, but also to develop a system of stores without payment boxes, which is already being used in a very small number of stores worldwide.

He also highlights the real-time access to information through RFID and computer vision technologies, and the director comments that due to this technology “companies need to implement complete solutions that are able to collect information and automatically process raw data into actionable insights, increasing thus efficiency ”.

These are just three of the main trends that we think will help companies on their missions to become smarter in 2020 and beyond,” concludes Hozefa Saylawala.

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